How important are American-made products to you?

Welcome to Roan Creek Equine!

Our Mission

We provide American-made, premium brand quality, equine products to those that demand them.

Our Products

We are a physical products company that is supplying our like-minded, horse-owning customers with the finest quality products. We aim to enhance our customer’s relationships with their horses by helping them to provide the proper care and equipment for them in a value-driven way.

Our products are traditional, innovative, and help our customers solve specific problems. They enhance their lives by providing value in the form of practicality, time savings, convenience, or pleasure.

At the beginning of our company journey, we focused on products that our customers used on their trail riding

made in the USA badge on scenic background

The Company

We work diligently to enhance our relationship with our customers by helping them enhance their relationships with their horses. We are a patriotic company proudly flying the American Flag. We support those who have unselfishly sacrificed to defend our flag and freedom.

Roan Creek Equine is forward-thinking and continuously working to proactively introduce products to the market ahead of the competition. We take pride in our innovative solutions.


Here at Roan Creek Equine, we are thankful for the freedoms and opportunities that we have. Learn more about the programs we support.